What to pack

For overnight safaris please pack a backpack, no more than 20kg, as due to the nature of our trip we have to be careful with our weight limits.

Don’t forget to pack:
Personal toiletries, Sun screen, Sun hat, Insect repellant (we will provide Peaceful sleep, so only if you require more), Camera (spare batteries, memory card etc), Binoculars, Torch/head-lamp (space batteries), Passport with appropriate visas, Money (Pula), Credit cards.

Please note for any trips that require border crossing you must have Passports and Birth certificates for children that you are travelling with Appropriate clothing – Please pack appropriately for the season, note that it can be chilly early morning and after sunset, make sure that you have enough full length warm clothing with you. If you would like any advice on what to pack then please contact us.

Don’t forget your pith!!

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